Consulting Services

The Brush Development Team - Jennifer, Margaret, Mandy, Julia

We can help you create a better today and tomorrow for older adults.
Don’t allow your care community to be anything less than extraordinary!

We all want to improve, but most of us don’t have a clue where, or how, to begin.
Well, we can help you with that.

Jennifer Brush has developed concrete, easy-to-use tools to break through barriers and create the results you desire. We have a proven track record in achieving measurable outcomes.

We are ready to help you with:

bathroom door
wayfinding sign
Passavent Wide

We will provide on-site staff training, and virtual and face to face coaching to hold your hand through every single step of Montessori implementation. During our coaching sessions, your community will complete a self-assessment and action plan, choose new materials, create a prepared environment, develop a volunteer program, create marketing materials that differentiate you from others, engage families, and much more.

Begin your journey today!